The December Gallery

The December Gallery

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In July this year a friend and fellow textile artist Jan Mullen invited me to join her in the inaugural exhibition of The December Gallery in North Fremantle. She gave me a wonderfully open brief. Since then my weekends and evenings have been filled with drawing, drawing and more drawing…This body of work returns to my love of portraits. Working mainly from old nineteenth-century Orientalist photographs and paintings I’ve encountered during the course of my PhD, I have played with charcoal, pencil, tone and scale to explore the experience of those from another time and place.

My drawings will sit alongside Jan’s beautifully executed and gently rhythmic latest works. Her work experiments with an intriguing mixture of media and process. Using found objects, printing, assemblage and stitch, she pushes the boundaries of textiles whilst still referencing the domestic,  her love of family and her Swan River surrounds.   Subtle gradations of colour and repetitive processes contribute to the calm strength of her new work. Our two collections will sit well together, the charcoal tones of my drawings highlighting the quiet pastels of Jan’s layered assemblages.


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